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Mobile Strike, set in modern times, is a game of strategy and planning, much like Game of War. You need to strategize, plan and make alliances to become more stronger and powerful over other players. You train your armies and unleash their wrath on your enemies, increase the land under your hold, increase the armies and defeat more enemies to become more powerful. It is a game where you meet real people virtually and gain experience of teamwork which helps you generally later in life. Just like any other game, you need to achieve goals to get a level upgrade. These goals can range from constructing building to making new alliances. Not very different from real life where you need to use currency to get anywhere with your plans, the currency you require for Mobile Strike is gold. You have mobile strike gold, you can construct infrastructure, use it to acquire alliances, and even increase the number of your army bases.
Getting the hang of the game, is not the difficult part, rather, getting the hang of using and multiplying the quantity of gold is. Or was. Earlier getting your hands on gold was definitely difficult because you had to go through proper channels and hard work does get you money but really slow. And in the game of power you don’t need hard work, what you need is money and back channels. Mobile Strike Cheats Hack Generator and the likes come to your rescue.

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Great Mobile Strike Hack Generator, like many other websites, has the sole purpose of providing backchannels to the loyal fans of Mobile Strike. Is it really loyalty though? One might question. However good the question might be, the answer is yes. It is loyalty that they are applying the lesson they get from the game they are playing even if it means applying it on the same game. Mobile Strike Hack enables users to get access to large amounts of gold that they can use without answering to
Completing simple surveys to ensure an individual is not an alien, the Apps like Mobile Strike Hack makes available insane amounts of gold without any strings attached that is if you think advertisement tabs resulting from the surveys are not defined as strings. So now the question that arises is not that are the fans loyal if they use the power dynamics they are learning from the game, the lessons like theories of Darwin survival of the fittest, to get access to gold. The real question is, are the users of Mobile Strike Hack aware of the ethics? Because taking back-routes is not ethical. Using the money just handed to you without any work is not ethical. Striking down inferiors (people with less gold who stuck by their hard earned gold and did not access the cheat methods) is not ethical. If the actual game teaches you how to survive in a society where politics dominates and if the game teaches you teamwork, then the websites like Mobile Strike Hack is undoing the teaching of ethics that were given to you all your life.

Dark Souls Video Game-Tough, Exciting And Unforgettable

Dark Souls game review online

People enjoy playing video games for a variety of reasons. Some want an easy way to pass time, while others prefer a simple fantasy adventure. There are those who want a game that teases the brain. One of the most common features of most video games today is their ease. The Dark Soul however, harks back to the tough gaming challenges posed by the old school coin-operated gaming machines and home computers of the 1980s.Designed to be a follow-up to Demon Souls video game (of 2010),it is one of the toughest and remorseless action role player video games ever designed. It is a fantasy adventure game featuring monsters, devious traps and black magic at every turn.ccf6737689fd7d75b20dfab13b894fb3

As a player you will die countless times but this should motivate you to progress further. When your hard work and determination finally pays off, the sense of achievement and exhilaration you will experience has no equal in the world of video gaming. The game is designed especially for the more hardcore gamers who are partial to a hard slog through all manner of challenging terrains including grimy, eerie graveyards. It is for people who crave for digital challenges so tough that just surviving fills one with victorious relief.

This third-person and bloody sword-slasher video game has a plot that is hard to decipher. The action takes place in a dark world characterized by death, dragons and demons. as a gamer you will create a avatar-like character of yourself, using 10 categories and using different weapons, for example bandit, sorcerer or warrior. You have to first work your way from a smelly prison of the undead.
After that your objective is to kill enemies, take their souls and remove the curse from the land. Game play involves trudging along through the unique and deadly terrain of a huge realm, and working out how to kill all manner of foes from terrifying gargoyles to charging knights, knife-toting wolves and a ferocious Minotaur. There is even a huge monster with a spiders legs and a woman’s body that spews lava. You can be killed in a variety of ways such as being slashed and with a sword, by magic that sears your flesh or even getting knifed.

dark souls


As you go on, you die repeatedly and also keep on collecting souls which you can use as currency to assist you move up the levels and upgrade your weaponry. The main center point of the game is being killed and then rising up again. As a player you reclaim your soul by going back to the exact spot where you died. This is unavoidable, by design. Each of the bizarre–looking bosses possesses a distinct killing advantage in their environment. As a player, the challenge is to recognize the weakness in their tough defenses and overcome them.

One special online feature enables you to observe ghost-like images of other players. This adds another eerie experience of several parallel worlds besides your own. Players can create messages to other players to guide other players and also get guidance from other players. But the online players can also lie to you and watch you getting slashed to death.In conclusion, Dark Souls is a memorable adventure that will invade the deepest depth of your thoughts and soul.